Reciprocity - How it works

TCG Innovations is excited to announce its partnership with 3rd Home, an exclusive private club for second home owners. When your home is sitting empty, you can deposit your weeks into an exchange program and visit other members’ homes throughout the world without paying rent!

3rd Home boasts 1300 homes in 67 different countries, with 1100 members and counting. In 2012 they added such highly regarded residential developments as Trump Hotel and Towers, Reef Atlantis, and PGA West, thereby providing members with increased full-service exchange opportunities. More properties are being added every day.

Your two-year membership fee of $495 entitles you to list your property, deposit weeks, and start booking exchanges immediately. When you reserve a property as a guest, the only thing you'll pay is the exchange fee. There are no other rental fees for any property on the site!

Creative Concepts

We go to great lengths to look at each project individually and provide a customized solution to suit your needs. This is best done with an in-depth Feasibility Study in which we look closely at market conditions and other factors before making a recommendation regarding your project, which may involve a hybrid concept.

Our approach involves fitting the right product to your unique situation. Our hybrid models maximize the property’s potential through efficiency, something everyone should be paying attention to in today’s market.