The key to success in marketing and selling shared ownership resorts starts with a sound plan executed by a well-trained and experienced staff. Because of its unique sales structure, this type of property requires representatives who can clearly and expertly explain the concept to a prospective buyer. 

The Sales & Marketing Process

When creating a sales and marketing program, the developer must embark on a well thought-out promotional effort to ensure the project’s success. Specifically, the following activities will be put into place on the owner’s behalf:

  1. Outreach to the surrounding community to spread the word that the property is coming to the area (or is available for purchase).

  2. Focus on word-of-mouth advertising to potential buyers.

  3. Secure a highly-trained sales force to shorten the sales cycle, comprised of professionals who thoroughly understand the product and can sell day in and day out.

As we move forward in the sales process, we continually refer back to and update the data gathered during the feasibility and analysis phase of our work to ensure the owner’s best interests are always a priority and that we are continually moving in the right direction.

Marketing Goals

  • To ANNOUNCE the project’s availability in the marketplace in order to enlighten prospective buyers as to its availability and offerings;

  • To EDUCATE the target audience as to the property’s unique qualities and amenities being offered for sale;

  • To PROVIDE a backlog of potential buyers who have been identified as a good match for the property;

  • To LEAD a talented sales team whose detailed marketing strategy capitalizes on product exposure;

  • To MAXIMIZE the use of marketing tools at our disposal, which is necessary to promote the product and convey brand messaging. These can include social media and online marketing, off-site kiosks, information centers at retail outlets, satellite sales centers, co-brokerage arrangements, and more.

Cracking the Niche

As the shared ownership market becomes more niche-specific, established marketing methods will need to evolve as well to cater to the needs of each. A successful niche marketing strategy must therefore be carefully crafted to convey the proper messaging (or “pitch”) using the appropriate media (or “outlets”) to reach the target.

Working the Marketing Plan

Property management doesn’t end when the project is ready to sell – that is only the beginning. We have the expertise to take a completed project to a successful sale utilizing the following services:

  1. Develop a comprehensive Marketing and Sales Plan (“The Plan”)

  2. Meet sales objectives as defined in the Marketing and Sales Projections (“The Goals”)

  3. Hire and train salespeople and support staff (“The Team”)

  4. Develop a Procedures Manual providing a uniform set of rules and codes of conduct under which all personnel will operate (“The Playbook”)

  5. Develop all promotional material and outreach strategies (“The Tools”)

  6. Execute all marketing campaigns (“The Promotion”)

  7. Operate the marketing program within the expense targets provided in the Projections (“The Budget”)

  8. Maintain a comprehensive and current record of marketing expenses incurred (“The Report”)

We want to be your partner in taking your project from SPECULATION to SUCCESS!

Creative Concepts

We go to great lengths to look at each project individually and provide a customized solution to suit your needs. This is best done with an in-depth Feasibility Study in which we look closely at market conditions and other factors before making a recommendation regarding your project, which may involve a hybrid concept.

Our approach involves fitting the right product to your unique situation. Our hybrid models maximize the property’s potential through efficiency, something everyone should be paying attention to in today’s market.

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